Schedules (Mobile)

Here's a quick overview of the Schedules page on the 7shifts mobile app.


Viewing the Schedule 
Filters and Sorting
Adding & Editing Shifts
Publishing Shifts
Shift Flags
⚠️Managers / Assistant Managers may need to have their Manager Permissions updated to have access to edit the Schedule.

Viewing the Schedule

1. Head to the schedule by tapping the 'Calendar' icon from the bottom menu / navigation bar.

You will then be able to see the list of employees scheduled for any given day,  within a particular week.

2. Tap on the month to bring down the calendar picker or swipe through and tap the days at the top to view specific days or weeks.

3. Tap the 'Calendar' icon to jump to today's date.

4. Your Events will be visible as well, just under the date and day of the Week.

Tap to see your entire list of Events happening on that particular day.

Tap on an Event to view the Event's details or edit it.

⚠️Only Admins or Managers / Assistant Managers with the 'Can manage events' permission will be able to manage Events.

Click here to learn more about Events on Mobile.

Filters and Sorting

1. By tapping the 'Location' pin or 'Filter' icon, you can view the Schedule in different ways.

2. You can choose your Location and filter down your Schedule further by Department or Role just by tapping on any these categories.

Here's an example of choosing a Department and / or Role:

3. You can also sort your view by selecting any of the following: Time, Department, Role, or Employee.

4. Once you've made your filter and sort selections, tap 'Apply' the bottom of your screen. Tap 'Clear all' to revert back to your default Schedule view.

Adding & Editing Shifts

1. To add shifts, tap the '+' button at the top right or tap on the 'Create new shift' button below.

2. You'll then be able to specify the shift details, including the Station for which the employee needs to be assigned a shift.

⚠️Learn more about creating Stations on the web app here, and see how they appear to Employees on the mobile app here.

3. You can use the 'Time Frame' option or manually choose a 'Custom Time' for the beginning and end times of the shift.

The 'Custom Time' picker has two options to select the shift length: the 'Analog' format clock or 'Digital' format clock.

4. When done, remember to tap 'Save' at the top. The new shift will be highlighted in yellow, under draft mode until it's published.

5. Before publishing the shifts you can see your coverage with the Daily Employee Count, just to the far right of the date. Also, any scheduling warnings will be labeled in red for things such as overtime and labor exceptions.

⚠️The Daily Employee Count does not include Open Shifts.

Tap on the shift to view the details of the warning.

6. To edit any shift, tap on the shift and then the 'More' icon in the top right corner.

Next, select the 'Edit' option.

Remember to tap 'Save' when you're finished editing the shift. 

From there the shift will be in draft mode (unpublished) and will still need to be published before the changes are live for the Employee.

7. To delete a shift, tap on the shift, the 'more' icon, and then select the 'Delete' option.

❗️Once deleted, the shift cannot be brought back, but it will still be visible in red until the Schedule is re-published.

Publishing Shifts 

1. When you're ready to publish the entire week's Schedule, tap on the 'Publish Schedule' button at the bottom.

Any shifts unpublished will be highlighted in yellow. On the 'Publish Schedule' button, you'll see a count of how many shifts are still unpublished for that week.

2. You'll be directed to the Publish screen that outlines all unpublished shifts in that Department. Select who you want to notify and tap on 'Publish' when you're ready.

⚠️If you are viewing a Department with no draft shifts needing to be published, tap the Department section to select another Department and 'Publish' any new shifts there.

Tap on the Department name to select it.

Shift Flags

1. You can view the following Shift Flags on the top right corner of an Employee's shift:




Click here to learn more about Shift Flags.

2. To edit the Shift Flag, tap on the shift and then the 'More' icon.

Next, select the 'Change Shift Flag' option.

Tap on any option shown below, and the changes will update instantly.

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