Mobile Manager Dashboard

If you are an Admin, Manager, or Assistant Manager, the Manager Dashboard is the first thing you'll see when you first login to your 7shifts mobile app. It can also be accessed by tapping Manager Dashboard at the top of the menu. This is where you'll see actual vs. projected sales and labor data, allowing you to get a sense of how things are going in your restaurant in real time. 

* Note:  This feature is only available on ac counts that have a POS integration and/or have 7punches enabled.  Additionally, Admins must enable 'can manage schedule' under 'Manager Permissions' for Managers and Assistant Managers to view the Manager Mobile Daschboard. 

Here's an overview of how to navigate the dashboard:
Select your Date
On the Manager Dashboard, you will see a graph of your actual sales & actual labor pulled in from your point of sale or 7punches. From there, you can tap on the '<' and '>' icons to move forward/backward a day, or click on the calendar icon to select a specific date.

Scroll by Hour
To see how your sales and labor are trending throughout the day, scroll on the hours located at the botton of the graph.

Hourly Snapshot
To take a deeper look at the hourly performance of your actual sales and actual labor, tap on any data point within the graph.
From there, you will be able to see Sales, Labor Cost, Sales Per Man Hour (SPMH) and Labor %. To get back to your homescreen, tap the 'X' on right side of your screen.

* Note: SPMH = Sales Per Man Hour

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