Clover POS

7punches is now available in the Clover Marketplace to install on your Clover tablet (minimum Android version 4.3)
7tasks is now available on the Clover Marketplace to install on your Clover tablet for the following devices on Android:
  • Flex
  • Station (2018)
  • Mini (2nd Gen) 
  • Station Pro
  • Flex (2nd Gen)

  • Adding the Integration

    Log into your account and click on the 'More' menu > Integrations > Add Integration.

    Select Clover and click 'Next'.

    You will be redirected to sign into your Clover account:

    Sign into your Clover account with your existing login email and password.

    Select 7shifts:

    Click on 'Already have an account?' 

    You will be brought back to your 7shifts account. You will need to repeat the first step of clicking 'Add Integration' and select Clover:

    You will now be able to select a location to connect. Use the drop down menus to select your 7shifts location and Clover account:

    Click 'Connect', and you're ready to go! From here you can exit the setup or choose to connect another location:

    Once you've completed the integration 7shifts will begin pulling in the sales data into the Actual Sales fields in the Dashboard, Weekly Budget Tool and Manager Log Book.

    7shifts will also use those Actual Sales values to populate Projected Sales, allowing you to create schedules based on those projections. 


    Budget Tool:

    Manager Log Book:

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