TouchBistro POS



 Adding the Integration

As a first step, you will need to add the appropriate POS integration within your account. To do this:

  1. Hover over your profile picture  > Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party and click 'Add Integration'.
  2. Select TouchBistro from the list and click 'Add'.


 Matching TouchBistro staff passcodes and 7shifts employee punch IDs

This is a necessary step to ensure that your employees are uniquely identified and mapped between 7shifts and TouchBistro.

From TouchBistro, visit Admin > Admin Settings > Staff. 

Ensure the code corresponds with the punch ID in the employee's profile in 7shifts:


 Matching TouchBistro staff types and 7shifts role names

This is a necessary step to ensure that employee roles are uniquely identified and mapped between 7shifts and TouchBistro. 


 Real-time Sales & Forecasting

You can link your TouchBistro POS with 7shifts to provide accurate sales forecasting when building schedules. This allows for more accurate scheduling if you're wanting to stay on budget and within your labor target percentage. 7shifts will also show you in real-time what your actual sales are.

How to get started

If you are wanting to enable the TouchBistro sales & forecasting integration, follow these steps:

1. From TouchBistro: Get your Restaurant ID

  • Log in to your TouchBistro cloud portal with your account's username / password at
  • Navigate to the "Partners" section on the top nav
  • Navigate to "7Shifts" on the left nav
  • Click the "Enable" button
  • Your restaurant ID will be displayed when you enable the feature.

2. From 7shifts: Enable the integration

  • Hover over your profile picture > Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party
  • Now enable "Real-time Sales & Forecasting"
  • Enter your Restaurant ID (provided by TouchBistro) and click "Activate".

Once you've activated it, it will take a few hours to start bringing in sales data. Once it's complete, your schedules page will look like this:

The actual sales row will initially be empty until sales start rolling in. Once the sales numbers have been pulled in to 7shifts, they will be shown appropriately under the specific day.

Now when you go to build schedules for future weeks, 7shifts will automatically look at past historical sales and insert sales projections for you.


 Enforce Schedule (punch enforcement)

Restaurant managers can ensure staff can only punch in if they're scheduled to work. Here's how it works: Staff will punch in on the TouchBistro POS. TouchBistro then sends the punch over to 7shifts to see if this Employee is scheduled to work and can punch in. If the Employee isn't scheduled to work in 7shifts, they will not be allowed to clock in. If they are scheduled work, they will be allowed to punch in.

How to get started

1. From 7shifts: Enable 'Enfore Schedule'
Hover over your profile picture  > Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party > TouchBistro. Now turn on 'Enforce Schedule' and select the grace period. This allows employees to clock in within that grace period based on their scheduled shift.

Ex: If your employee is scheduled at 9am and your grace period is 10 minutes, the employee can clock in any time between 8:50am-9:10am. 

Once grace period is selected, click 'Save'. 


Please COPY your '7shifts API key' - you will need to enter it in subsequent steps.

2. From TouchBistro: Enable the integration
Now go into your settings in TouchBistro and click on 'Integrations'. Select 7shifts, which will appear under the 'Scheduling' list. Enable 7shifts to begin configuring it for TouchBistro.Using your API key that you have in your 7shifts account, enter it under 'API Key' and turn on 'Enforce Scheduling' as well as 'Enforce Role' if desired. 

Tap 'Done' at the top right when finished. 

You are now setup for Schedule Enforcement! Employees will only be able to clock into TouchBistro when they are scheduled to work a shift in 7shifts.

You can find a link to a prerecorded webinar specific to the TouchBistro integration here:

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