On Call Shifts

Follow these steps to create 'On Call' shifts.

⚠️ Admins will automatically have the ability to create new Roles. However, Managers and Assistant Managers will need the 'Can manages roles' manager permission enabled.

1. Create a Role called 'On Call.'

To do this, Head to the 7shifts logo > Locations / Departments / Roles > Roles and click on '+ Add Role.' 

2. Enter your Role's name and click on 'Save'. Naming the Role 'On Call' is recommended, but this can be anything you like.

3. After you've created your 'On Call' Role, assign the appropriate Employees to this new Role.

To do this, go to the more menu ' ☰ ' > Employees > employee's name > Assignments and check the box beside the Role to add them to it.

Remember to click on 'Save' after updating an Employee's profile.

4. Once, employees have been assigned to the Role, you can now assign and schedule Employees for the 'On Call' shifts.

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