Scheduling Templates

Create Templates to make scheduling even faster. With Templates, you'll be able to create your Schedule in seconds.

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Follow the steps below to get started using Templates:
1. How it works
2. Getting Started Creating Templates
3. Open Shift Templates
4. Filling shifts from a Template
5. Copying/Duplicating Templates
6. Permissions

How it works 

1. Create a Template with all the shifts you need filled, as well as what qualifications (Role and Skill Level) that employees need to have.

2. The Template will then find available employees that meet those qualifications and automatically schedule them into the shift times you've specified. The shifts created will also work around approved Availability and Time Off.

3. Review the Schedule that was auto-filled and hit 'Publish' when you are ready.

⚠️Please note that the Template is not a Schedule. Think of it as a blueprint that includes the rules you require for a specific schedule.

Getting started Creating Templates

1. Creating a Schedule Template is easy. First, click on the Calendar icon to access the Schedules page.

2. Then, click on the Copy icon on the far right and select 'Manage Templates.'

3. To create a new Template, click the green '+ Add Template' button.

4. Name your Template and select the Location and Department. 

5. Once you click 'Save', you'll be taken to a screen where you can create the Template. At the top of the Template, you will have the option to enter a Labor Target % and manually input Projected Sales.

⚠️Projected Sales and Labor Target Percentages are for the Location you selected. They are not specific to the Department.

6. To add a shift, click the green '+ Add Shift' button. Alternatively, click on the shift space below the day of the week.

7. Specify the Skill Level required for this shift, the Role, and the quantity of shifts needed, and at what time.

Instead of choosing a skill level option, you also have the ability to select a specific employee for that shift.

⚠️By default, your employees will all be classified "Skill Level 2 (Intermediate)" when adding shifts, unless you've specified otherwise in their user profile when you had created them.

8. You can also create the same shift for multiple days of the week by selecting them before you click 'Create.'

9. Repeat steps 6-8 to create more shifts and fill out your Template. You can also drag and drop shifts around that are assigned to the same Role.

A finished Template will look something like this:

⚠️All changes/additions you make to the Template will be auto-saved.

Open Shift Templates

Another way to use Templates is to create an Open Shift Template. This creates Open Shifts on the Schedules page where you can then drag and drop to manually assign them to your employees. 

You can also publish them as Open Shifts so that employees can volunteer to bid for them in the Shift Pool.

1. To do this, select 'Open Shifts' for all shifts within the Template.

⚠️You can select a Role, or leave the Role field blank to create a 'No Role' shift, which has no specific Role associated with it.

2. Once you have added all of your shifts, a finished Open Shift Template will look something like this.

⚠️All changes/additions you make to the Template will be auto-saved.

Filling shifts from a Template

Now that you've created your Template, you can easily use it to fill the Schedule. 

1. While viewing the weekly Schedule you wish to fill, simply click on the 'Tool' icon and select 'Fill from Template.'

⚠️If you already have shifts on the Schedule, you will be asked to choose whether you wish to merge the Template with the existing shifts on the Schedule or if you want to delete the existing shifts.

2. Once the Template has been applied to your Schedule, there may be shifts that are unable to be filled. If this is the case, you will see a window that looks similar to this:

3. Once you click 'Review your schedule', you'll be able to see any unassigned shifts under the 'Unassigned Shifts' section. 

From there, you can manually assign them by dragging and dropping each shift.

For an Open Shift Template, you can simply drag the shifts from the Open Shifts section and drop them under the employees you wish to assign them to. Alternatively, you can publish these Open Shifts to make them available within the Shift Pool where employees can bid on them.

Copying/Duplicating Templates

If your typical Schedule varies depending on the time of year, you can quickly create another Template by using the 'Copy' function. This will allow you to use an existing Template as a framework to set up another Schedule Template more quickly.

⚠️Please note that Templates are specific to the Location and Department they were created for. So the copy can only be created for the same Location and Department Schedule as the original Template.
To copy a Template:

1. Go to Schedules > the 'Copy icon > Manage Templates.

2. Click on the Template you wish to copy.

3. On the far top right of the Template, click on 'Copy template.'

4. Next, you can name your new template and click on 'Save'. From there you'll see your new Template and be able to make any desired edits.


As an Admin, you can decide which Managers are allowed to manage Templates by updating the permissions within their user profile. 

Click here to learn more about updating Manager Permissions.
⚠️Only Admins have the ability to delete Templates.
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