Creating Common Shift Times

Here is an overview of how Common Shift Times works:

Common Shift Times are the shifts you use regularly. Specifically, they are the shift times you've used in the past 3 weeks, and are the ones you’ll most likely use again. Follow the below steps to see how Common Shift Times work:

Using the 'List' or 'List by Role' layout

As you manually add shifts to the schedule while in the 'List' or 'List by Role' layout, they are auto-created as Common Shift Times for easy re-use in future schedules.  

As they are auto-created, the Common Shift Times will appear in a drop-down menu (see image below), allowing you to quickly select a shift time.  

Using the 'Time Frames' layout

While in the 'Time Frames' layout, Common Shifts Times will appear to the left, allowing you to schedule employees into a specific shift. 

You can add a new 'Time Frame' by clicking the 'Add time frame' button below the existing shift times. This will not create a common shift time unless you actually schedule someone for the shift. 

BD = Business Decline 

If you select BD when creating a shift, it lets the employee know they are scheduled to work with no specific end time—their shift will run until they are sent home.
You may enter an estimated end time for more accurate labor-cost projections, but note that the end time you enter is NOT visible to employees. 

If you select Close when creating a shift, it lets the employee know they are scheduled to work the closing shift. Edit your Close times by hovering over your profile picture > Locations/Departments/Roles > Location.

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