Clock in and out for Breaks

Do you want Employees to be able to clock in and out for their breaks in order to ensure labor compliance? Here's how to enable this in your 7shifts account.

As an Admin, you can enable breaks by hovering over your profile picture > Company Settings > Add-ons > Time Clocking Settings. 

Custom/Enforced Breaks

Once the breaks feature is enabled, you can select your break type. Choose if your breaks will be paid or unpaid. If you would like some breaks to be paid and others to be unpaid, select multiple and create your break types.  

To select your Break type, click the drop down menu and select your preferred type.

To add a break, click the green add button and fill in the Break type, Break name, Break length, Shift length and Enforced requirements to adhere to your labor laws. Then click save. 

Employee perspective:

At the beginning of their shifts, Employees clock in as they normally would with their unique punch ID. When it's time for their break, the Employee will punch in again and will be presented with this screen: 

Once the Employee returns from their break, they simply punch in again and will see how long they were on break for:

Manager persepctive:

Admins as well as Managers with the time punch permission can see the breaks live as they happen by clicking the clock icon at the top of the screen > select Pay Period to view.

You can see who is on break:


You can also see the break duration once the Employee clocks back in:

Finally, from a reporting perspective, you can see the breaks in the detailed version of the Worked Hours and Wages report:

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