Punch IDs for Employees

When you are getting 7punches set up in your 7shifts account, you can either have 7shifts auto-assign punch IDs, or you can assign punch IDs yourself. 

Auto-Assign vs. Self-Assign

Auto-Assign Punch IDs:

  • If you choose to auto-assign IDs, make sure you have the box (shown above) checked. 
  • Once you click save, each Employee will have a 4-digit punch ID auto-generate under their Employee profile under the HR/payroll tab. 

Self-Assign Punch IDs:

  • If you prefer to assign a number yourself, you can do this from Employee profile. To access, click on Manage > Employees > select Employee to edit > HR/Payroll > enter their Punch ID # in the 'Punch ID' field.
  • You can have up to 12-digits for an Employee’s punch ID, but try to keep it between 4-6 digits. 

Email Punch IDs

Once you are ready to email everyone their own punch IDs, click on the Tools drop-down menu above the Employees > Email Employees their punch IDs.

All of your Employees will then be emailed their individual punch IDs. 

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