How to Access the Punch Pad

Important: Only Admins and Managers can login to launch the 7punches app. This is to prevent Employees from downloading the app and clocking in when they are not at work.

7punches is best used from an iPad, a tablet, or an iPod touch. Here are the links to download the Android and iPad app:

Once you have the app downloaded, an Admin or Manager will have to login using their 7shifts login information to launch the punch pad. You don't get logged out of 7punches, so you will not have to keep re-entering your login information to launch the punch pad each day. 

If you prefer to have the punch pad on a computer, you can pull it up by clicking Time Clocking > Terminal. Select the Location you are pulling up the punch pad at.

You will see the punch pad on your screen. Employees can clock in and out as they normally would.

TIP: If you want to create a desktop shortcut, you can do that by copying the URL at the top of the terminal page. That way, Employees can simply click on the shortcut to pull up the punch pad.

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