Tip Pool Troubleshooting

If you notice that not all tip data is being included in your Tip Pool reports, there is a chance that some settings still require your attention either within 7shifts or on your Toast POS.

Continue reading if you would like to learn more about some of these settings and the corrective steps that you can take.

Click here instead if you are wanting to create, edit, or run reports for your Tip Pool.

To troubleshoot how your tip data is being pulled in from your POS, please review and complete the following:

1. Ensure that your employees within Toast are set up correctly
 with each of the roles / jobs they will perform. This means that the appropriate roles / jobs are selected for every active employee's profile on your POS.

Click here for steps on how to do this in Toast.

2. Within 7shifts, ensure that you have mapped all of your Roles and Employees with your Toast POS. This helps to verify that both the Roles and Employees in 7shifts are matched to their counterparts in your POS, ensuring that the data being pulled in is accurate.

 You may also what to ensure that your employee profiles within 7shifts are assigned to the correct Roles.

Learn more about mapping your Roles and Employees or updating your employee profiles in 7shifts.

3. Whether employees are clocking in/out on your Toast POS or through 7punches, be sure that employees are punching out at the end of their shift. This ensures that tips are calculated correctly based on employee's actual worked hours and allocated to the correct teams. This is especially important if you are using the Dayparts feature. Tip data collected from users that still have an open punch, or have a punch incorrectly recorded, may cause discrepancies.

⚠️To assist with this, you can be notified when an employee forgets to punch out for their shift by using the Alerts for Missing Punches feature.

4. If Shift Reviews have been enabled within Toast, ensure the Shift Reviews are run. If the Shift Review Process is optional for employees, they may not be declaring their tips on punch out. Management can override these Shift Review reports if changes are needed.

Click here for more information about the Shift Review settings and process.

5. Ensure that the jobs in Toast are selected as 'Tipped' jobs if any of those positions will be contributing tips. This ensures that the employees will be provided prompts about their tips during the Shift Review process when they go to clock out.

⚠️This is only required if employees declared tips upon punch out. If they do not have to declare their tips, then this setting is not required.

Click here for more information about completing this step in Toast.

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