Open Shifts

Open Shifts are a way for Managers to post shifts that need to be filled without assigning them to specific Employees. Once an Open Shift is published, multiple Employees can request to pick it up by bidding on the shift. The Manager gets to decide who to assign the shift to.

1. Managers can go to the schedule and select which days they need to add an Open Shift. 

Option a) Add the 'Open Shift' in the List or List by Role layout.

Option b) Add the 'Open Shift' in the Time Frames layout.

2. In order to notify your Employees of the Open Shift, you must publish the schedule. As soon as the shifts are published, all qualified Employees will be notified that an Open Shift is now available to bid on. 


3. Employees can then go to the Shift Pool and bid on the Open Shifts of their choice.

4. Managers will be notified when an Employee bids on the Open Shift and they can choose who they'd like to assign the shift to. The Employee will be notified as soon as the shift is assigned to them.

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