Tip Pooling

Companies using Toast POS will be able to collect and divide tips and gratuities among employees.

⚠️ To access the feature, you will require the following:

1. An Actual Sales integration with Toast POS

2. 7punches for time clocking or an Actual Labor integration with Toast POS since this feature relies on employees' worked hours in order to distribute tips.
Setting up your Tip Pool
Managing / Editing multiple Tip Pools
Tip Pool Reports

Setting up your Tip Pool

⚠️Only Admins will be able to manage or edit the Tip Pool settings. 
To access the Tip Pool feature:

1. As the Admin, head over to the 7shifts logo > Add-ons > Tip Pooling.

2. Click on the 'Enable Tip Pooling' button and follow the billing prompts to confirm enabling this add-on.

3. Once the Tip Pooling feature has been enabled, you can select 'Go To Tip Pooling' and get started right away.

Going forward this tool will also be available by heading to the 'More' menu > Tip Pooling. Click on 'Create a tip pool.'

4. Select your Location, enter a name / title for your Tip Pool, and then click on 'Next: Who is adding to the pool?'

The name is required since you'll later have the option to create multiple Tip Pools for the same Location.

⚠️Only Locations currently connected to Toast POS will show in this list.
⚠️If you want to create this Tip Pool for a specific Daypart, check this box and select the Daypart you want to use in the dropdown below. If enabled, an additional column for Day parts will be included on the Tip Pool report.

5. Next, you'll need to select the fields on your POS that you wish to pull in tip data from. This will be the initial source to calculate the Location's total tips, which will then be divided out between your staff from there.

Check any boxes that apply, then click on 'Next: Whos is adding to the pool?'

⚠️These fields may vary depending on the specific setup on your POS.

6. You will need to enter what percentage of tips will go to the Tip Pool for transactions that are unassigned to any employees. For transactions that are assigned to Employees, you will need to select which Roles, and enter what percentage of the tips they collected will contribute to the Tip Pool at this Location.

Contributors are usually customer-facing employees that gather tips, gratuities or collect payment during their shift.

⚠️The team members under these Roles can be both 'Contributors' and 'Recipients' (in step 7). This step is to determine how much of the initial tips received will contribute to the Tip Pool to be divided out later across the team.

Example: Severs can contribute 100% of their tips and still receive 50% from that initial 100% that was put into the Tip Pool.

⚠️At this time tips can only be contributed based on percentage, but they can be redistributed multiple ways. (see next step)
⚠️You can have as many Contributors as there are Roles under that Location. 

Click on '+ Add Contributor' to include more Roles or click on the 'Trash' icon to remove any Roles from the list of contributors.

7. When finished, click on 'Next: Who will be receiving from the Pool?'

8. Then, in the dropdown determine how you'd like tips to be redistributed to your team. All distribution methods will reallocate tips based on employees' actual worked hours. Select any 1 of the 3 distribution options:
Equal Distribution:
Points Weighting:

9. Next, you will need to select your Receivers by clicking the dropdown and selecting a Department or specific Role.

Click on '+ Add Receiver' to include more Departments or Roles or click on the 'Trash' icon to remove any Departments or Roles from the list of contributors.

⚠️You can have as many receivers as there are Departments and Roles under that Location, regardless if those Roles are already set up as Contributors (in step 6).

If you chose to use the 'Percentage' or 'Points Weighting' distribution methods, you will need to enter a percentage or amount of points beside each Department or Role.

⚠️If using the 'Percentage' distribution, there will be a tally at the bottom to ensure that you are not under or over the 100% total. You will be unable to proceed unless your total is at 100% exactly. 

10. After you have set up which Departments and Roles will be receiving tips, click on 'Next: One last review.'

11. Lastly, you will be given an overview of how your Tip Pool will be set up. Here you can go back through any steps to make any changes needed, or click on 'Save' to finalize it. 

Success! You've just created a Tip Pool.

Managing / Editing multiple Tip Pools 

1. As an Admin, you can access your Tip Pool dashboard by heading to the 'More' menu > Tip Pooling.

You can also sort your list of Tip Pools by Name, Location, Day Part, or the last date updated.

2. Click on the 'Manage' icon to Edit, Delete, or view the details for an existing Tip Pool. 

3. Simply click on 'Create Pool' to create an additional Tip Pool.

⚠️You can set up multiple Tip Pools under the same Location.

Tip Pool Reports

⚠️Admins can automatically access the Tip Pool reports however, Managers / Assistant Managers will require the 'Can run reports' manager permission.

1. To access your report from Tip Pool Dashboard, click on 'View Report' beside the specific Tip Pool you wish to review.

2. Alternatively, you can navigate to Reports > Tip Pooling. 

3. Select your date range, Location, Tip Pool name, and desired layout within the option dropdowns. Then, click on 'Get Report.'

⚠️If your timesheets have not been closed for the selected time period, you may be promoted to first verify your Employee's punches and close the pay period. This will help ensure that the tip distribution is calculated correctly.

4. Once you have generated the report, you'll get a CSV file similar to this:

(Summary layout)

(Detailed layout)

⚠️If you are noticing any discrepancies or irregularities with your report, please review some of the troubleshooting steps here.

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