Shift Pool Requests

The Shift Pool request notification is an email that is sent to Managers and Admins when an Employee is requesting to take a shift from the Shift Pool. 
Admins and Managers can disable the Shift Pool email notification by going to their Settings and disabling it. However, by default, here is how it works:
Manager Notifications  
Everyone that is designated a 'Manager' in 7shifts will get an email notification when an Employee requests to take a shift in the Shift Pool. Managers will only receive the notification for requests coming from Employees assigned to their Location or Department.
If there are two or more designated Managers at a Location or Department, they will all get the notification.  
Admin Notifications
A) If you are an Admin that is not appearing as an Employee, you will get Shift Pool request notifications for all Locations and Departments. 
B) If you are an Admin that is appearing as an Employee, you will get notifications but only for the Locations and Departments you are assigned in your Employee profile.

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