Offer Up a Shift

The following describes the process that takes place when an Employee wants to give away a shift they are scheduled for.

Emma is scheduled to work a bartender shift on the Front of House (FOH) Department on Friday. She just found out she has tickets to a concert that night and is hoping to find someone to take her shift. 

Step 1: Emma clicks on the Offer Up button under her Friday shift and offers it to all bartenders.

  • Employee notification:  All bartenders immediately get an email and text message that Emma is offering up her shift.
  • Manager notification: Managers will get an email notification, but only if they appear on the FOH Department schedule and are assigned the bartender Role. (If you don't have Departments, the notification will go to all Managers assigned to your Location and the bartender Role.)
  • Admin notiifcation:  Admins will only get the notification if they appear as an Employee and are assigned to the FOH Department and bartender Role.  (Admins who do not appear as an Employee will not get this notification.)

Step 2: Jake, Emma's co-worker, decides he wants to work Emma's shift. He goes to the Shift Pool and clicks "bid" on her shift. 

  • Employee notification:  No notifications go out to employees at this step.
  • Manager notification:  All FOH managers get the email notification that Jake wants to take Emma's shift.
  • Admin notification:  Admins who appear as an Employee will only get the notification if they are assigned to the FOH Department. (Admins that don't appear as an Employee will get a notification for requests coming in for all Departments.)

Step 3: A Manager approves and assigns the shift to Jake.

  • Employee notification:  Both Jake and Emma get a text and email notification that the shift change was approved.

NOTE: All Employees, Managers and Admins can choose how to be notified by logging into 7shifts and going to Settings > My Account > Notifications.

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