What to do When Employees Call in Sick

Step 1: Mark the Employee's shift as 'sick'. 

Learn more about Shift Flags

Go to the schedule and click on the shift the employee has missed. You'll see a flag at the bottom left of the shift window. Click on it to select whether the employee was Sick, Late, or No-Show.

Step 2: Find a replacement.

A) To simply assign the shift to someone else, click and drag the shift to another Employee. Once you publish the change, the Employee will be notified of their shift immediately by text and email. 

B) To offer the shift to multiple people, click and drag the shift to the Open Shift area. Once you hit 'Publish', all Employees that can perform that Role will get notified that a shift is available.

In both cases, the Employee who is ill will still have the shift assigned to them (flagged as sick) to track their attendance accordingly. 

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