Alerts for Missing Punches

With 7punches, Managers and Employees can be notified when a punch is missed to start the shift. 

Alerts for Missing Punches is available on the Works plan and higher.

When an employee has not clocked in for their shift, Admins & Managers who are on a scheduled shift will receive a push, sms, or email alert to notify them that the employee has not punched in:

Managers will only receive alerts for Employees for Locations they are assigned.

To enable Missed Punch Alerts:

1. Hover over the profile picture in the top right corner, then select  Add-ons > Time Clocking Settings > 7punches settings

2. Check the box labeled 'Alerts for missing punches'

3. Set the timeframe for late punch alerts to be sent. 

You can set the time for Employees to be notified separately from the Manager's notification.

4. Don't forget to scroll down and click 'Save'! Notifications will be sent via email and SMS/Push, depending on your notification settings. 

Email notification:

Clicking on the 'Contact' button will take you to the employee's contact info on the mobile app. On the web app, you'll be taken to the messaging screen. 

Push notification:

Tapping on the push notification from mobile will bring you to the shift details for the late punch. 

Managing Notifications:

You can enable or disable the notifications for Missed Punches by hovering over the profile icon in the top right then selecting My Account > Notifications

Head to the bottom and check or uncheck the box next to 'Missing Punch Alerts' to enable or disable the push / email alert.

Don't forget to click 'Save'!

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