Getting Started in your Account

Welcome to 7shifts!  

Now that you've created your account, here are some next steps to get you started!

Logging In

Log into your 7shifts account on our website.  

To change your password, click on the 7shifts logo on the top right-hand side > My Account.  You'll enter in your Current password, and then enter in your New password and click Confirm password.  

You’ll also want to download the free 7shifts mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Getting Started with 7shifts

You can find all of the information below in our Getting Started Guide for Managers on both web and mobile

1. Set Assistant Manager/Manager Permissions - If you'd like to give any of your managers access to scheduling functions, you can assign them as a manager.  Click on the three horizontal lines = on the top right-hand side > Employees > click on the pencil icon beside the employees name that you would like to give Manager permission to > change their User type to Assistant Manager or Manager.  There will be Manager Permissions that pop up on the right hand side that can be customized based on what you would like this employee to have access to within the account.  Click here to learn more. 

2. Invite Your Employees - Click on the three horizontal lines = on the top right-hand side > Employees > Tools > and select Invite employees to 7shifts.  This will generate an email and text message that will be sent to your employees with login information and links to download the app.  Click here to learn more. 

3. Send your employees a message - You can go to Announcements to send an email and/or SMS text message to all of your employees.  Announcements act as a bulletin board, sending a one-way form of communication to your employees.

Feel free to use this template: 
Hey everyone! 👋 Welcome to 7shifts — our new scheduling app.  This is how we will be sending out the schedule, so please ensure you download the free mobile app to get your shifts

You could also ask your employees to submit their availability and time off, so that it’s in the system, making it easy to build schedules moving forward. 

You may also want to include the following Getting Started Guides for Employees: 

Employees:  Getting Started (Mobile)

Employees:  Getting Started (Web)

Creating and Publishing a Schedule

4. Create and publish your first schedule - Click here to learn how to create and publish a schedule.  Publishing a schedule will send a text, email and/or push notification to your employee. 

To help you save time on scheduling, you can copy a schedule forward up to 3 weeks or build scheduling templates

Training & Support

Our Customer Support team is available from Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm ET, with reduced coverage on Saturday’s for urgent requests.  They’re here to answer all day-to-day support questions.  You can start a conversation with our Customer Support team through the in-app and web chat, or via email and by phone at 1-888-979-5877.

Additional Knowledge Base Information on Getting Started:

For self-serve resources, you can search our knowledge base here.  I’d also recommend watching the following videos:

  1. Product Overview: Web-Based App
  2. Product Overview: Mobile App

Need more assistance to get launched? Let our Support Team know, we can connect you with a Client Success Manager to provide additional resources.

Happy Scheduling!

7shifts 101 Training Webinar 

Tuesdays 12pm PST / 3pm EST - Register HERE

Thursdays 3pm PST / 6pm EST - Register HERE

The webinar will be about 1 hour and we’ll review:
  • Creating and publishing schedules
  • Reviewing and approving availability, time off, and shift pool requests
  • Adding employees
  • Key features:  Communication Tools (Announcements and Messaging), Manager Logbook, 7tasks
  • Sales vs. Labor Dashboard / Reporting
  • Attendee questions throughout the call

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