7punches APK on Toast

Toast Terminals can use all of 7punches great features including:

To request further information on this feature, please click to fill out the request form:

Before contacting us to opt in, here are some things to consider:
  1. This feature is currently in beta, so there may be some kinks to work out.
  2. You will need to download the APK file onto each individual Toast terminal.
  3. You will need to download the latest APK file each time there is a new update.
  4. Google or Apple sign-in is not currently available on the downloaded app.
  5. You may need to configure your time clocking and 7punches settings to ensure that duplicate information is not flowing into 7shifts.
  6. Punches from 7punches will not flow back into Toast.
  7. You can choose to opt out of this program at any time, but your time clocking settings may need to be reconfigured.

This feature is not compatible with devices running Android SDK 19:

Device Manufacturer
Device Model
Asus ASUS_T00J
Elo Touch Solutions msm8960
Freescale D16-Quad
Genymotion Custom
Hewlett-Packard Slate 21 Pro
HYD T906
Motorola XT1052
Pop-screens POSPAD
Rockchip rk3188
Rockchip MW22-A32
Rockchip TM1318
Samsung SM-T230NU
Samsung SM-T530NU
Samsung SM-G900F
Samsung SM-T113
Samsung SM-T210R
Samsung SM-T217S
Samsung SM-T310
Samsung SAMSUNG-SM-T217A
Samsung SM-T230
Samsung GT-I9508
Samsung SM-T900
Samsung SM-T530
Samsung SAMSUNG-SM-T337A
Softwinner M1016C
TabletExpress K100
Tianshi Digi-Land DL701Q
unknown msm8960
unknown Google Nexus 10_1
unknown Google Nexus 10
ZH960 ZH960

To install 7punches on your Toast terminal:

1.  Go to the Web Browser on your Toast Terminal and visit the URL given to you by 7shifts, or access the APK link via your email.

2. Click the download link to download the APK to your Toast Device.

Wait for the download to complete and open the file.

4. Click to Install the 7punches APK on your device.

Login to 7punches!

You will not be able to use Google Authorization and will need your email and password combination to sign in on a Toast Device. 

For details on how to reset your password visit: https://support.7shifts.com/article/304-password-and-login

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