Shift Flags - Track Sick Time, No Shows, and Lates

Shift Flags allow you to track when employees call in sick, miss their shift, or are late for their shift.  

First, go to the schedule to find the shift the Employee has missed. You'll see a flag at the bottom right of the shift window. Click on it to select whether the Employee was sick, late, or a no show.

Once you flag the shift, click 'Save' and the shift will change color depending on what you selected. 

Here's the before and after for a shift marked as sick:



You can then generate an attendance report to see an Employee's overall attendance rating. To do this, go to Reports > Attendance

Select the date range and you'll get a report similar to this:

Scheduled: # of shifts scheduled.

Sick: # of shifts the Employee missed due to being sick.

No Show: # of shifts the Employee didn't show up for. 

Attendance: % of scheduled shifts the Employee worked.

TIP: What to do when someone calls in sick.

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