Shift Flags - Track Sick Time, No Shows, and Lates

Shift Flags allow you to track when employees call in sick, miss their shift, or are late for their shift.  

Manually applying Shift Flags to the schedule
Auto-flagging with 7punches or POS labor integration
Where Do Auto-Shift Flags Show up?

Manually applying Shift Flags to the Schedule

1. First, go to the Schedule and click on the shift the employee has missed. You'll see a flag at the bottom left of the shift window. 

2. Click on it to select whether the employee was Sick, Late, or No-show.

3. Once you flag the shift, click 'Save' and the shift will change color depending on what you selected. 

Here's the before and after for a shift marked as 'Sick':



You can then generate an attendance report to see an employee's overall attendance rating. To do this, go to Reports > Attendance

Select the date range and you'll get a report similar to this:

Scheduled: # of shifts scheduled

Sick: # of shifts the employee missed due to being sick

No Show: # of shifts the employee didn't show up for

Attendance: % of scheduled shifts the employee worked

TIP: What to do when someone calls in sick.

Auto-populated Shift Flags from Punches

You can choose to have Shift Flags for Late and No-Show populate automatically based on employee punches.

⚠️To use this feature, you must be using 7punches for Time Clocking or a POS integration that supports Actual Labor.
⚠️This feature is not supported with Heartland Restaurant, Lightspeed, and Upserve POS at this time.

For more information, please contact 

To enable Auto-Shift flags:

1. As an Admin, head over to Time Clocking > Settings.

2. Check off 'Auto shift flags' and set your 'Late tolerance' from the dropdown shown below.

3. Be sure to scroll down and click 'Save.' 

Late tolerance - You can set your own grace period which will determine when a punch is considered 'Late.'

No-Show parameters - A shift will be auto-flagged as ‘No-show’ if there is no punch-in within the scheduled shift time. In addition, a shift will be auto-flagged as ‘No-show’ if there is no punch-in less than 2 hours before / after the shift’s scheduled start time.
⚠️If the 'Allow punch without shift' setting has been enabled for 7punches, the Employee can still clock in after 2 hours from the Scheduled start time. However, it will be tagged as a ‘No Scheduled Shift’ for that specific Payroll Period under  Time clocking > Pay Periods.

Removing auto-populated shift flags:

If you want to change the shift flag that was automatically applied - if the employee forgot to punch in, or was sick - go to the Schedules page and click on the shift. In the bottom left corner, click on the flag and select the correct one:

Where Do Auto-Shift Flags Show up?

When a shift is flagged, either manually or from the punch, they will populate on the Schedules page, the Worked Hours & Wages report, on the Time Clocking page, and the Attendance report. 

⚠️No-show flags will populate in the Engage page, but removing them manually from the schedule does not remove them from the Engage page at this time. We will be updating this in the near future.

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