Employee 7punches Access with Mobile Punch

7punches users can now allow their employees to clock in and out of shifts and breaks from their personal devices with Mobile Punch! This helps reduce the risk in using shared devices, ultimately making your restaurant safer for your team and your customers. 

See this feature in action in our recored webinar - 7shifts Summer Update: Time Clocking Features Built for You:

Enabling 7punches access for Employee mobile devices

1. Hover over the 7shifts logo and head to  Add-Ons > Time Clocking > Settings

2. Check the box called 'Employee mobile device punch-in'

3. Don't forget to scroll down and click 'Save' for the 7punches settings

TIP: As employees will be able to punch in from their own devices, we know you may want to to ensure punches are only happening while at work. To accomplish this, we recommend utilizing the Buddy Punch feature, to have a picture of the employee captured on punch-in with a recognizable background. 

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