Hiring (Admins & Managers)

The Hiring feature allows you to receive profiles for prospective employees who meet your specific needs. You begin by setting up alerts for the Role you are looking to fill. 
🇺🇸The Hiring feature is currently available for the following states within the US:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Tennesse 
  • Texas
To access the Hiring feature:
Log into your account on the web app, and go to the ' More' menu > Hiring.

From there, you can select what Role and availability you are hiring for. 

⚠️For each separate Role and availability, you will need to set up an individual alert. 
Follow the steps below as many times as you need to create new job postings and fill your positions!

1. Click 'Create hiring search.'

2. Enter your Location, then use the drop-down menus to select the Role and availability needed. Toggle on the 'Hiring alerts' setting if you would like to receive email notifications for profile matches.  

3. Click 'Save & add search.'

You can now view your hiring search matches of prospective employees in your area who match your needs! You will see three matching candidates each day added to your list. We will keep adding candidates each day until we run out of suitable profiles.

If you've selected 'Hiring alerts', you will also receive emails containing your candidates. 

To manage your alerts and searches, click on the 'Hiring searches' tab on the left of your screen.

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