Mobile Messaging (Managers and Admins)

Messaging allows a conversation with your team, with every Location, Department, and Role having their very own messaging group. Every Employee who is assigned to the group has the ability to post comments, reply, and upload attachments. 

1. To start a back and forth conversation with a Location, Department, or Role group, tap the 'New Group Post' tab and tap on the group you'd like to message. You'll notice you've been assigned to certain groups based on the Locations, Departments, and Roles you've been assigned to. 

2. To send a message to a specific person, tap the '+' icon in the bottom right corner and select 'New Chat'. 

You can create a custom group chat by adding more than one person. Simply tap on the employee's names, and once you are done, click on the 'Next' button

3. Once you've sent your first message in a custom chat, you can re-name the group and edit the settings by tapping on the 'Settings' icon at the top right corner.

You can rename your group, mute notifications, add or remove people, and archive the chat. 

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