Shift Reminders

Shift reminders help keep your employees up to date and on time! Staff will receive an SMS (text message) or push notification 'X' hours before their shift begins. This reminder will include shift details as well as any events that are going on that day.

⚠️This feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.
⚠️Only Admins have access to manage the Shift Reminders settings as these will apply to all Locations within the account.

To enable Shift Reminders

1. Go to the 7shifts logo > Company Settings > Schedules.

2. Check the box for 'Shift Reminders.'

3. Below, enter the number of hours beforehand you want reminders to be sent to your staff.

4. Be sure to click 'Save.'

That's it!

Going forward, staff will receive an SMS message or push notification at the specified number of hours before the start time of their shift.

⚠️Please also ensure the Time Zone is correctly set up for each Location's settings. This is found under Locations / Departments / Roles > Locations > the Location name > General. 
Example Shift Reminder:

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