Time Off 101

Employees will submit a Time Off request if there are days they absolutely cannot work. 

Here's how a Time Off request works:

1. Employees request Time Off via the mobile app or via the web app at  app.7shifts.com

2. As a Manager, you are notified via text/push and email that a request is waiting for your approval. 

You can view how much Time Off the Employee has already taken, how many others are already taking that Time Off, and approve or decline the request with a comment for the Employee.

3. In order to view all requests for the month and identify potential conflicts, click 'View Month'. This will show you all requests in a month view. 

4. If there is a day that you cannot afford to have anyone take off, you can block the day off by going to Blocked Days. Read more about Blocked Days here

5. Whether the Manager approves or declines the day(s) off, the Employee is notified by text or email.

4. If the time off is approved, it is plotted directly onto the schedule.

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