7tasks for Mobile - Admin and Managers

After downloading and launching the 7tasks app, an Admin, or Manager/Assistant Manager with the permission 'Can manage tasks,' can login using their 7shifts login information. You won't be logged out of 7tasks, so you will not have to keep re-entering your login information to launch the app each day. 

Sign into the app using your email and password. If you have more than one account or Location, you will be prompted to choose when you sign in.

7tasks Punch Pad

1. Enter your punch ID to access your task lists.

2. Click on one of your available task lists. 

3. Tap on 'Show Details' to view the description of the task list.

Toggle 'Show completed' to see progress.

4. Tap on a task to re-open it / mark it as incomplete.

5. Tap the bottom Exit panel to sign out of your tasks.

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