7tasks for Employees (Mobile)

As an Employee, here's how to view and complete your task list within 7tasks:

1. Enter your punch ID to access your task lists.

2. Click on one of your available task lists. 

Task lists will be labeled if you are specifically tagged to complete them.

Tasks with a set time frame will display the due time beside the list. Any task Lists that are overdue will be indicated in red.

⚠️Lists that are time frame specific will only be available to access after the start time set by your Admin or Manager.

3. Tap on 'Show Details' to view the description of the task list. If there is a set time that this task list is due, it will be visible in the top right corner as well.

Any tasks you specifically are tagged to complete will be highlighted.

Other employees, who can view this list, can also see or complete tasks that are tagged to someone else.

4. Check off your tasks as they are completed by tapping on them.

Some tasks will require that you enter a temperature or number value. 

Simply tap on the task, or within the task details tap on the field in the top right corner, to make an entry. 

After entering your value, hit 'COMPLETE TASK' to mark it as complete.

⚠️You can still access an overdue task list to go back and complete any outstanding tasks.

5. Tap the 'Show completed' toggle to see your progress.

6. Tap on a task to re-open it / mark it as incomplete.

7. Tap the bottom Exit panel to sign out of your tasks.

Check out the 7tasks app in action

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