Employee Sync

Employee Sync

7shifts can automatically create a new employee when you add them to your POS. Streamline your employee onboarding process by eliminating the need to enter employee information twice. 

Employee Sync is available on accounts with a POS integration that includes labor data, on the Entree plan or higher.
To use Employee Sync, you will need to have Actual Labor turned on in your integration settings.
Prior to turning on Employee Sync, we recommend mapping your existing employees & roles. This will ensure employees you have chosen to ignore during mapping will not be created in 7shifts and employees will be assigned the correct roles when they are created.

To enable the 'Employee Sync' setting:

  1. Hover over the 'More' menu  > Integrations > My Integrations
  2. Click 'Settings' beside the Location(s) that you want to enable
  3. Click the slider button under the Labor Integrations section to enable Employee Sync for this location

Once enabled, when 7shifts detects a new employee on your POS that does not match any existing records, we will automatically create the employee and send them an invite to 7shifts. 7shifts will sync the following fields when creating an employee: first name, last name, email, roles, and wages (when Wage Sync is also enabled). 

Any recently added employees will be tagged as NEW on your employee page so you can adjust their settings or permissions once they have been created in 7shifts.

Click here to learn more about Employee and Role Mapping.
Employee Sync imports Employees from your POS initially, but does not update Employee profiles if changes are made in the POS (except wages, if Wage Sync is enabled).

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