Account-Wide Shift Pool

For accounts with multiple Locations within a geographical area, Account-Wide Shift Pool is available. 

The Account-Wide Shift Pool functionality will allow:
  • Staff in any Role to view, bid, and work shifts at non-assigned Locations within an account
  • Filling shifts on short notice
⚠️This feature is available on The Works plan or higher.
⚠️Employees will not be able to punch in using 7punches, requiring manual payroll for these shifts.

To Access Account-Wide Shift Pool

1. As an Admin, go to Company Settings > Shift Pool. 

2. Select the option 'Account-wide' to enable the Account-Wide Shift Pool setting, and click on 'Save.'

3. On the Schedules page, create and publish a shift that is offered to all Locations and publish it to make it available in the Shift Pool.

That's it!

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