Availability Approvals

The Availability approvals setting allows Managers and Admins to approve/decline an Employee's Availability submission.

This setting is managed under Company Settings > Availability

Only Admins can access the Company Settings

How it works:

  • An Employee submits their Availability and it's now pending Manager approval.
  • The Manager and Admin will get notified by email that an Availability submission requires approval.
  • The Manager can login to the desktop or mobile app to approve/decline the Availability requests. If the Employee is changing their existing availability, you'll be able to see their Old vs. New Availability side by side. 
  • Whether approving or declining the request, the Manager can leave a comment for the Employee.
  • The Employee will get an email when the request is approved/declined. They can also see the status of their Availability request. 

Here's an example of what an Employee would see for their Availability on the mobile app:

The question mark denotes a pending request, and red 'x' is a declined request. All the other entries have been approved.

If you decline with a comment, the Employee will receive a notification with your comment. The Employee can then make the necessary modifications before re-submitting for approval.  

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