Effective Wage / Salary Date

Simplifying wage changes. Now Managers have the flexibility to update the wages and salaries of employees for past or future dates.

Wages and salaries can only be adjusted up to one month in the past.
Effective Wage Date will not be available if you have 'Wage-Sync' enabled with your POS.

How to Video:

Setting a wage / salary change for a future date:

1. Navigate to the employee's profile by hovering over 'More' menu lines and clicking Employees > edit specific Employee > HR/Payroll.

If setting a salary, select 'Salary' from the dropdown menu here:

2. Click the 'Pencil Icon' next to the wage/salary you would like to adjust.

3. Enter the new wage/salary and select the date this will take effect. 

4. You can remove or edit the wage/salary change prior to the effective date by clicking the 'Garbage Can' or 'Pencil' icon. On the chosen date, all new shifts created for this role and employee will have the new wage/salary applied. 

Setting a wage/salary change in the past:

1. If you have already created shifts for an employee before entering a wage/salary or forgot to set a new wage, you can use the 'Effective Wage Date' to change all shift and punch wages up to one month in the past.

2. Navigate to the 'HR/Payroll' section of the employee's profile. 

If setting a salary, select 'Salary' from the dropdown menu.

Click the 'Pencil' icon next to the wage/salary and enter the correct date it took effect.

3. Navigate back to the schedules page to see the new wage/salary applied to the historical shifts. Third-party data or already processed payroll information will not be affected when changing previous wage/salary dates. 

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