ADP Run Integration

If you are using 7punches for time-clocking, or have a POS integration that includes labor, you can now export your worked hours directly to ADP Run.

This feature is only available on the Works plan or higher.

Tips are not currently supported in the ADP Run integration.
The ADP Run export currently only supports one ADP Company Code per 7shifts account.

For more information please contact support at

This feature is not currently available with ADP Canada.

ADP Run Export Integration:

To enable the integration, you'll need to do the following:

1. Head to Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party, then click on 'Add Integration'. 

Scroll down and select 'ADP Run' before clicking 'Add'.

Click the 'Connect to ADP Run' button.

You will be taken to the ADP website where you will need to log in. 

Next, select the ADP Run Connector App and follow the prompts provided.

ADP charges a $15 monthly fee and you will only be able to connect to an ADP account that has one Company Code.

Next, to connect back to 7shifts, go to My Apps and then click the 7shifts app icon. 

Once connected, you will need to Map your Roles & Employees.

Head to Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party > ADP Run > Edit Mapping

1. Select 'Roles' to enter the corresponding Role Name for each corresponding Role before clicking 'Save'.

2. Select 'Employees' to enter the corresponding ADP employee name before clicking 'Save'.

2. Prepare your Export File

Before you can run the ADP Run payroll export you'll need to ensure that you've properly approved all punches and closed your timesheet.

1. Click the Time Clocking tab at the top of the screen, then select the appropriate Pay Period.

2. From there, review and 'Approve' or 'Edit' punches, or choose to 'Approve All'.

3. Export your Timesheets to ADP Run.

Once you've approved all punches, you're ready to close the Timesheet.

To close the Timesheet, select 'Close Timesheet' in the top right corner. 

Once the Timesheet is closed, you can send it to ADP Run by clicking Export > Send to ADP (ADP Run).

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