The Engage Dashboard allows you to drive employee engagement, leading to higher productivity and retention.

To access the Engage Dashboard, you must be using 7punches or have a POS labor integration enabled.

To access the Engage Dashboard, click 'Engage' from the top of the page.

You will be directed to the current week. You can review previous weeks by selecting them with the 'Date Picker'. 

Accounts with multiple locations can choose which location to review with the Location drop-down menu.

The 'Employee Engagement' section will show you the employees who are: 'Most Reliable', 'Most Eager', had the 'Most Sick Days', and were the 'Most Often Late'. 

* Most Reliable*
The employee with the best weekly shift coverage. This employee has the least "no shows" and is the most punctual this week.
* Most Eager*
The employee who has bid on the most shifts in the Shift Pool in a week.
* Most Sick Days*
The employee with the most weekly Sick flags on a location's schedule.
* Most Often Late*
The employee who has punched in after their scheduled start time the most in a week.

The 'Location Stats' section displays the total number of Lates, No Shows, Sick, and Shift Bids for the week. You will also be able to review the variance from the previous week for each category. 

* Lates*
The number of shifts in a week where an employee has arrived late for their scheduled start time.
* No Shows*
The number of occurrences in a week where an employee was scheduled for a shift and did not show up.
* Sick*
The number of shifts in a week where the "sick" shift flag was applied.
* Shift Bids*
The total number of shift bids that occurred in the Shift Pool in a given week.

The 'Most Engaged' and 'Least Engaged' sections will display the 3 most or least engaged employees. Here you can review their engagement score and the variance from the previous week. Each employee's engagement score is determined by several factors including punctuality, shift bids, and dropped shifts over a 4-week span.

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