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Department Based Budgeting:

You can now use Department Based Budgeting to control how your sales divide and projections are calculated for each Department, allowing you to more accurately project your labor when creating schedules.
For more details on how to enable this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/287-department-based-budgeting

Brink POS:

7shifts now integrates with Brink POS, which will allow Brink users to always hit their labor targets with sales and labor syncing and schedule enforcement. 
Are you ready to unlock the power of your Brink POS? 
For more details on how to set up the integration, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/284-brink-pos

Mobilebytes POS: 

7shifts now offers an actual sales, labor integration and punch enforcement for users with Mobilebytes POS. This means you can pull in your actual sales and labor data from your POS for accurate sales projections and consistently hitting the labor targets. What’s more, 7shifts can send your scheduled shifts to your POS, ensuring employees can only clock in with a scheduled shift.

For more details on how to set up the integration, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/267-mobilebytes-pos

Break Alerts:

Now you can stay compliant with 7punches. Your restaurant doesn’t want to deal with costly labor compliance penalties, which is why 7shifts offers Break Alerts. When enabled, this feature notifies managers when an employee is at risk of missing an enforced break. Restaurants on The Works or Gourmet plan with 7punches can easily stay compliant with Break Alerts. 🎉 Already using “Custom/Enforced Breaks”? This feature will activate for you automatically! If not, go in to your 7punches settings and mark your breaks as “enforced”. 

For more details on break alerts, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/269-break-alerts
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