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Announcement Read Receipts

When an announcement is sent, Admins and Managers now have the ability to see who has and who has not read a message on both the web and mobile apps. For those who have not, they can easily send a reminder right through the app.

Find out more here: https://support.7shifts.com/article/112-communicating-with-employees#read-receipts

Auto Shift Flags

Have Shift Flags for Late and No-Shows populate automatically based on employee punches.

Find out more here: https://support.7shifts.com/article/37-shift-flags#auto-flags

Roster Talk for Chats

Roster Talk for Chats is a feature that allows users to create group messages for all employees working on a specific day and can filter by Location, Department, and Role. 

Find out more here: https://support.7shifts.com/article/112-communicating-with-employees#roster-talk-messaging

Mobile Task Management:

With 7tasks, you can now have employees complete tasks from their own personal devices. Enable Mobile Task Management and help reduce the potential health risks associated with shared devices.

For more information on how to enable Mobile Task Management, visit our support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/370-employee-7tasks-access-on-mobile

Mobile Punch for Employees

7punches users can now allow their employees to clock in and out of shifts and breaks from their personal devices with Mobile Punch! This helps reduce the risk in using shared devices, ultimately making your restaurant safer for your team and your customers. 

For more information on how to enable Mobile Punch, visit our support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/367-employee-7punches-access-with-mobile-punch

Employee Health Check

7punches users can now enable the Employee Health Check! This check will help Admins and Managers screen team members for symptoms and risk factors of COVID-19 before they can punch into their shift. With real-time manager notifications and a secure Employee Health Check report, you can help in preventing risk to staff and customers.

For more details on this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/362-employee-health-check

Gusto Payroll Integration

Do you use 7punches or have a POS integration that includes labor on the Works plan or higher? If yes, you can access our Gusto payroll integration and send regular hours, OT hours, and double OT hours to Gusto. 

For more details on how to set up this integration, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/357-gusto-payroll-integration

Events feature updates

Users can now add events directly from the schedule page! Creating events from the schedule page allows for more options for event repetition - multi-day, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual. Admins and Managers can add end times as well as delete events. 

For more details on this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/48-creating-events

Google Sign In

New users can leverage Google authentication when they are invited to a company for the first time. Are you an existing user? Use your Google account to get back into the app and reduce the number of passwords you have to remember!  

For more details on how to use this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/346-signing-in-with-google

Buddy Punch Prevention

Buddy Punch Prevention allows 7punches users to have a photo taken of their Employees when they punch in and out, allowing Admins or Managers to validate the identity of the puncher.

For more details on how to enable this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/354-buddy-punch-prevention

ADP Run Payroll

If you are using 7punches for time-clocking, or have a POS integration that includes labor, you can now export your worked hours directly to ADP Run.

For more details on how to set up the integration, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/294-adp-run-payroll-integration


SevenRooms is a hospitality platform that helps operators unlock the full revenue potential of guest data with direct reservations and ordering channels. Combining operations, marketing, and guest engagement into one front-of-house solution, the platform helps operators to maximize profits, build brand loyalty, and enable personalized guest experiences. 

For more details on SevenRooms, visit the support page: https://sevenrooms.com/

Time Off Refactor

Users are now able to see the entire history of Time Off requests. The ’Yours' tab and the 'Approved' tab will be removed and moved into the 'Requests' tab, so that everything is accessible in one page.

For more details on these updates, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/95-time-off-requests


7shifts helps managers to step away from pen and paper and digitize their scheduling needs; 7tasks aims to do the same thing with sheets, white boards, and binders to track closing / opening tasks, temperature readings, and other measures that staff and managers need to track.

For more details on how to enable this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/323-7tasks

Philadelphia City Fair Work Week Compliance

Work in Philly? Employers in the restaurant industry must take certain measures to ensure that their employees have predictable and fair work schedules. The Fair Workweek report includes a list of all the Fair Workweek exceptions incurred.  

For more details on how to enable this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/340-philadelphia-labor-compliance

Shift Feedback

You can now request feedback on specific days, change when Shift Feedback is sent, view a detailed Shift Feedback report, and grant / remove permission for managers to view feedback. New features are now live for companies on The Works and Gourmet.

For more details on how to enable this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/251-shift-feedback

Cake Labor

We integrate with Cake actual labor; this means that your actual labor costs will be pulled into 7shifts. Once enabled, your actual labor costs will be displayed on the Dashboard, allowing you to compare Sales vs. Labor.

For more details on how to set up the integration, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/80-cake-pos#actual-labor

Department Based Budgeting

You can now use Department Based Budgeting to control how your sales divide and projections are calculated for each Department, allowing you to more accurately project your labor when creating schedules.

For more details on how to enable this feature, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/287-department-based-budgeting

Brink POS

7shifts now integrates with Brink POS, which will allow Brink users to always hit their labor targets with sales and labor syncing and schedule enforcement. 

Are you ready to unlock the power of your Brink POS? 

For more details on how to set up the integration, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/284-brink-pos

Mobilebytes POS

7shifts now offers an actual sales, labor integration and punch enforcement for users with Mobilebytes POS. This means you can pull in your actual sales and labor data from your POS for accurate sales projections and consistently hitting the labor targets. What’s more, 7shifts can send your scheduled shifts to your POS, ensuring employees can only clock in with a scheduled shift.

For more details on how to set up the integration, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/267-mobilebytes-pos

Break Alerts

Now you can stay compliant with 7punches. Your restaurant doesn’t want to deal with costly labor compliance penalties, which is why 7shifts offers Break Alerts. When enabled, this feature notifies managers when an employee is at risk of missing an enforced break. Restaurants on The Works or Gourmet plan with 7punches can easily stay compliant with Break Alerts. 🎉 Already using “Custom/Enforced Breaks”? This feature will activate for you automatically! If not, go in to your 7punches settings and mark your breaks as “enforced”. 

For more details on break alerts, visit the support page: https://support.7shifts.com/article/269-break-alerts
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