Brink POS

Accurate sales and labor data tracking is now at your fingertips with the Brink POS integration! 

With this integration: 

  • 7shifts can pull in your actual sales data from your POS and further use this data to create sales projections with 95% accuracy.
  • 7shifts can pull in your actual labor data allowing you to compare your scheduled and actual labor to see how well you're hitting your labor targets.
  • 7shifts can send your scheduled shifts to your POS ensuring employees can only clock in with a scheduled shift.
Real-Time Sales & Forecasting
Actual Labor
Sync POS Time Clocking Data
Mapping your Roles
Mapping your Employees
Schedule Enforcement
Employee Sync

Adding the Integration

7shifts communicates with your Brink POS via an API Url location token.

To obtain this token you will need to reach out to your Brink rep or  Please use the email template shown below.

Subject line:
<<Your Name>> – Location Token Request for 7shifts

Brink Tech Support,

Please escalate this request directly to Level 3. I’m requesting an API Url & Location Tokens for the following stores be sent to <<your email address>>.

<<List your Stores Here>> 

<<Your Name>>

When you have your API Url & location token:

Hover over the 'More' menu , and select Integrations 
Click on 'Add Integration' > select 'Brink' from the list > select Next

Select your Location from the dropdown and input the API Url & location key > select Connect

Selecting Connect is the final step, you will now have Real-Time Sales enabled, with the option to enable Actual Labor as well.

Real-Time Sales & Forecasting

You can link your Brink POS with 7shifts to provide accurate sales forecasting when building schedules. This allows for more accurate scheduling if you're wanting to stay on budget and within your labor target percentage. 7shifts will also show you in real-time what your actual sales are and alert you when you're making shift changes on the schedule.

Upon activation it may take a few hours to begin displaying your sales data. Once it's done, your Schedules page will look like this:

The Actual Sales row will initially be empty until sales start rolling in. Once the sales numbers have been pulled in to 7shifts, they will be shown appropriately under the specific day. 

Now when you go to build schedules for future weeks, 7shifts will automatically look at past historical sales and insert sales projections for you.

Actual Labor

We integrate with Brink actual labor, this means that your actual labor costs will be pulled into 7shifts. Once enabled, your actual labor costs will be displayed on the Dashboard allowing you to compare Sales vs. Labor.

To enable Brink Actual Labor: 

Hover over your profile picture > Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party > 'Brink POS'.

Click 'Settings' beside the Location(s) that you want to enable. 

Toggle on the slider button next Actual Labor at the bottom right corner 

You'll see the Actual Labor numbers update on the Dashboard on the day you enabled the Actual Labor integration. Going forward, these numbers will be updated daily from your POS.

Sync POS Time Clocking Data

If you have a POS integration that includes labor, you have the option to view your employee's time clocking entries from the POS within 7shifts. In addition, you are able to export this time clocking data to any of our payroll integrations

Click here for more information on enabling this function. 

Mapping Roles

Click 'Map Roles and Employees' to map your Roles and Employees between your POS and 7shifts. 

7shifts will automatically map any Roles that already exist between your POS and 7shifts. You'll find those under the 'Mapped' heading. Any Roles that cannot be automatically matched will be under the 'Unmapped' or 'Ignored' tab. 

Match any Roles from your POS that are used for punching in, to their 7shifts Role. If the Role is not used, move it to the 'Ignored' section. If you choose to set as 'Ignored,' data will not sync between the integration and 7shifts. 

Mapping Employees

Next, click the 'Employees' tab to review the employee mapping. 

7shifts will automatically map any Employees that already exist between your POS and 7shifts. You'll find those under the 'Mapped' heading. 

Any Employees that cannot be automatically matched will be under the 'Unmapped' or 'Ignored' tab. 

If Employees are not yet entered into 7shifts, you will also have the option to 'Add to 7shifts' directly from the Mapping Page. 

  • Match: Simply find the corresponding employee in the list.
  • Ignore: You'll want to Ignore if the employee will never need to clock in/out (i.e. Salaried employees)

If an incorrect match was made, you can always correct the mistake by clicking 'Unmatch'. The employee will now be listed under 'Unmatched' and you can assign them correctly from there.    

Adding employees after integration is enabled: 

Moving forward, you can add your new employees to your POS or 7shifts. If there are any new employees needing to be matched, you will see a banner at the top of your screen notifying you to take action.   

Match: Simply find the corresponding employee in the list.

Ignore: You'll want to ignore if the employee will never need to clock in/out (i.e. Salaried employees)

Create: This will add the employee to 7shifts, allowing you to start scheduling them. 

Enforce Schedule (Punch Enforcement)

You can now ensure that your staff clocks into Brink only when they're scheduled to work. In turn, this allows you to control and reduce labor costs.

Here's how it works: Shifts are automatically synced to your Brink POS. Staff clock in/out on the POS. Your POS will then validate whether or not that employee is scheduled to work and can clock in. If they are scheduled to work, they will be allowed to clock in. If the employee isn't scheduled to work at that time, a manager will need to override in order to allow them to clock in.

How to get started

  • First, you'll need to map your roles and map your employees
  • Then, hover over your Profile Icon > Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party and click on pencil by 'Brink POS'
  • Next you will need to enable the 'Schedule Enforcement' by clicking the toggle on the right

Once you've set this up within 7shifts, you'll need to make some changes within your Brink POS web terminal:

Head to  Editor > Options > Labor > Scheduling

Check 'Use schedule' to enable the punch enforcement

You can then customize the following options:

  • Enforcement for clock in
  • Enforcement for clock out
  • Grace Periods

Employee Sync

7shifts can automatically create a new employee when you add them to your POS. Streamline your employee onboarding process by eliminating the need to enter employee information twice. Employee Sync also helps ensure your employee records match in both systems, so your labor data is always up to date in 7shifts.

To use Employee Sync, you will need to have Actual Labor turned on in your integration settings.
Prior to turning on employee sync, we recommend mapping your existing employees & roles. This will ensure employees you have chosen to ignore during mapping will not be created in 7shifts and employees will be assigned the correct roles when they are created.

To enable the 'Employee Sync' setting:

  1. Hover over your profile picture  > Company Settings > Add-ons > Third Party > POS. 
  2. Click 'Settings' beside the Location(s) that you want to enable. 
  3. Click the slider button under the Labor Integrations section to enable Employee Sync for this location. Once enabled, when 7shifts detects a new employee on your POS that does not match any existing records, we will automatically create the employee and send them an invite to 7shifts. 7shifts will sync the following fields when creating an employee: first name, last name, email, and roles.

4. Any recently added employees will be tagged as NEW on your employee page so you can adjust their settings or permissions once they have been created in 7shifts.

Click here to learn more about Employee and Role Mapping.

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