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Silverware Sales & Forecasting
Getting Started

 Silverware Real-time Sales & Forecasting

Linking Silverware & 7shifts puts real-time sales data from your POS at your fingertips in 7shifts. Your actual sales will be displayed on the web dashboard, your mobile device, and in the Weekly Budget Tool.  We'll use that data to provide accurate sales forecasting for building schedules, so you can stay on budget and within your labor target percentage. 

Enabling the Silverware Integration

7shifts communicates with your Silverware POS via a token & cloud address.

To obtain your token & cloud address you will need to reach out to your Silverware rep.
Once your Silverware rep has provided your token and cloud address: 
  1. Login to, then Hover over the  'More' menu  > Integrations > My Integrations and click 'Add Integration'.
  2. Search and Select 'SilverwarePOS' from the list and click 'Next'.
  3. Select your Location and enter the token & cloud address provided by Silverware.  Finally click 'Connect'.
  4. Once activated, it will take a few hours to start bringing in sales data. Once it's complete, your schedules page will look like this:

Now when building schedules for future weeks, 7shifts will automatically look at past historical sales and insert sales projections for you.

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