Fair Work Week

NYC Fair Workweek Report

Under New York city’s Fair Workweek legislation, employers in the restaurant industry must take certain measures to ensure that their employees have predictable and fair work schedules. The Fair Workweek report includes a list of all the Fair Workweek violations incurred.  

To enable the report in your account, please contact support@7shifts.com for more information. 

To run the report:

  • Click on Reports > Fair Workweek
  • Select the 'Date Range' and 'Location'

Included in the report:

  • Employee who is owed the violation fee
  • Location
  • Date of the violation
  • Violation type
  • Violation fee
  • Violation details

Violation Warnings:

To avoid/reduce violations you will be warned about potential violations as you make changes to your schedule. Each time you make a change to a shift that causes one or more violations, a warning modal will appear.

You will also see a warning when assigning shifts through the Shift Pool that could cause a violation. Before publishing a schedule, if there are violations that will be incurred, you will see a summary showing the number of violations, the total cost, and details of each violation.

Once published the violation will be recorded in the report. Changing a shift multiple times can incur a violation each time, so be sure to consider the costs before making last minute schedule changes.

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