New York Labor Compliance

Under New York city’s Fair Workweek legislation, employers in the restaurant industry must take certain measures to ensure that their employees have predictable and fair work schedules. 

To access this feature you must be on The Works plan or higher.
The labor exceptions report will only work with 7punches or a POS labor integration.

To enable Labor Compliance

  1. Company Settings > Advanced Labor
  2. Under the Jurisdiction dropdown, choose 'New York'
  3. Choose which exceptions you would like to enable, then click 'Save'

Types of Exceptions

Spread of Hours

If an Employee’s workday spans more than 10 hours between the start of their first shift and end of their last shift.


If an Employee works two shifts over two days, and there is less than 11 hours between shifts.

Last Minute Schedule Change

Changes made to an Employee's schedule with less than 14 days notice. Including:

  • Change in shift times
  • Deletion of a shift
  • If an Employee's punch in/out time doesn't match the latest scheduled shift, within an allowable variance of 15 minutes:
    • Manual shift flags of Late / No-Show / Sick are exempted
    • Employee-requested changes through the Shift Pool are exempted

You can find more information on New York's Fair Workweek legislation here. 

To run the Labor Exceptions report

  • Click on Reports > Labor Exceptions
  • Select the Date Range and Location

Included in the report:

  • Employee who is owed the exception fee
  • Location
  • Date of the labor exception
  • Exception type
  • Exception fee
  • Exception details

Exception Warnings

To avoid/reduce exceptions, you will be warned about potential exceptions as you make changes to your schedule. Each time you make a change to a shift that causes one or more exceptions, a warning modal will appear indicating the type of exception and the associated cost. 

You will also see a warning when assigning shifts through the Shift Pool that could cause an exception.

Before publishing a schedule, if there are labor exceptions that will be incurred, you will see a summary showing the number of exceptions, the total cost, and details of each exception.

Once published, the exception will be recorded in the report. Changing a shift multiple times can incur an exception each time, so be sure to consider the costs before making last minute schedule changes.

Exception Warnings within the Punch Edit Screen

Exceptions for missed breaks and split shifts will show on the left side of the punch:

Click here to view all 7punches settings.

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