Shift Feedback (Admins)

Under applicable law, employees may be entitled to compensation for time they spend using the Shift Feedback feature. 7shift recommends consulting with counsel or a local HR professional for guidance regarding wage and hour requirements in your location(s).

If you are on The Works plan or higher you have access to the Shift Feedback feature. 

This feature will allow employees to submit feedback on how their shift went via a push reminder which they will receive after their scheduled shift.

To enable Shift Feedback:

1. Hover over the profile icon/7shifts logo in the top right corner, then select Locations/Departments/Roles > Locations.

2. Click the 'pencil' icon next to the Location

3. Select the 'Shift Feedback' tab, then check the box next to 'Enable shift feedback' before clicking 'Save'.

Employees will receive the push notification within 15 minutes of the end of their shift and they will need to act on it within 6 hours of receipt.

To review feedback:

1. Click on 'Manager Log Book' at the top of the page. Here you will see an average score for the day in your insights area.

To view more detailed data, click 'View Feedback' and you can see everyone who has submitted a score with the ability to filter by ranking or if they left a comment. 

With a better pulse on your team's satisfaction you can deal with issues as they come up and improve the quality of service for everyone before any problems arise. 

All feedback left is visible to all Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers within the Location.
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