Content Filters & Firewalls

7shifts, like our customers, takes security seriously. We understand that a small portion of our clients have content filters or firewalls enabled in their restaurant locations. In order to avoid interruption of service, and ensure smooth operation of 7shifts products and services, we ask that you familiarize yourself with this article.

Please ensure that the following required host names are entered correctly into your content filter, or talk to your IT department about these. Of course, do not hesitate to contact our support team for additional help.

Required Hostnames

It is important that subdomains are wildcards (denoted by an asterisk - *) 

Hostname Port Reason
* 443 All 7shifts products and services communicate through this hostname. Blocking of any kind on this hostname will result in a poor product experience.
* 443 Customer's profile images and some attachments are served from Rackspace's Content Delivery Network.
443 Product updates and chatting with our support team is enabled through Intercom. Both hostnames are required.
* 443 Our knowledge base articles are served through HelpScout. 443 Google Maps allows customers to accurately set their location and address of the restaurant. We use this location accuracy for things like weather.
* 443 Google Tag Manager is a code loading tool that allows us to quickly deliver our products and services to your browser.

Optional Hostnames

It is important that subdomains are wildcards (denoted by an asterisk - *) 

Hostname Port Reason 443 Amplitude is a customer feedback tool we use to improve our products.
* 443 Datadog is a performance and error monitoring tool. 7shifts uses this to detect and fix potential problems with the system.

⚠️7shifts will attempt to notify customers of prior changes to this list, but reserves the right to change this list without prior notice.   
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