Sync Schedule to Google Calendar/iCal

Here are the quick steps at getting your 7shifts schedule synced with your external calendar. 

Google Calendar

1. Go to Schedules > Tools > Sync

2. Copy the URL for your schedule

3. Open Google Calendar > On the left, next to "Other calendars," click Add + From URL

You should now see your schedule on your Google Calendar. 

To sync your iCal from your Google calendar go to this link from your phone.


On your phone:

  1. On your computer go to
  2. Select your work calendar from that screen and click Save
  3. Email the Calendar link to yourself so you can copy and paste here. Open the email on your phone, and copy the URL.
  4. Open Settings
  5. Choose 'Accounts and Passwords'
  6. Choose 'Add Account'
  7. Select 'Other'
  8. Choose 'Add Subscribed Calendar'
  9. Enter the URL from 7shifts
  10. Tap Done
  11. Tap Save

There you have it! Your schedule should now be pulled into your mobile calendar.

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