Hourly vs Wage Based Roles

Before entering wages for your employees, you'll want to determine whether you'd like to use 'Hourly' or 'Wage-based Roles'.

Hourly: Allows an employee to have a single wage which will be applied to all shifts, regardless of Role. 

Wage-based Roles: Allows an employee to have a separate wage for each Role. The wage applied to a shift will be determined based on the wage assigned to that Role for the individual employee.

By default, the wage setting will be 'Hourly'.

To change this setting to Wage-Based Roles:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Labor. 
  2. Check the box next to 'Wage-based Roles' to use separate wages for each Role

  3. Once you've done that, you'll need to assign the wage under Manage > Employees > Specific Employee > HR/Payroll 

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