Messaging and Announcements (Employees)


Individual chats & custom group chats

Group messaging by Location, Department, and Role

Roster Talk - Group messaging by schedule


Announcements are a one way communication from your manager. Think of them as message blasts that cannot be replied to.

You can view Announcements for any Location, Department, or Role group that you belong to.

To view Announcements, tap on the 'chat bubble' icon in the menu bar.

You'll see the most recent Announcement at the top of the list.

Tap on it to view the full Announcement, along with all other Announcements.


Messaging and Chats are a back and forth communication tool to allow you to communicate with your managers and coworkers.

With Messaging you can:

  • View messages for any Location, Department, or Role group that you belong to.
  • Message specific people, or create custom groups.
  • Message coworkers by day / shift they are scheduled (Roster Talk).

To view Messages and Chats, tap on the 'chat bubble' icon in the menu bar.

Tap on a specific message or chat to view the conversation.

Individual & custom group chats

To message a specific person or create a new custom group, tap the '+' button in the bottom right corner, then select 'New chat'.

Select one or more people to add to the chat, then tap 'NEXT'. You can also customize the group chat name at the top of the page.

From within a chat, click the 'gear' icon to open the chat settings. 

This will allow you to:

  • Re-name the group chat
  • Mute the notifications
  • Add people to the chat
  • Archive the chat - archiving a chat will remove it from your Recents list. It will come back when someone in the chat sends a new message. 

Group messaging by Location, Department, and Role

Tap on the '+' button and select 'New Group Post' to message everyone in a Location, Department or Role group.

Roster Talk Chats

You can create group messages for everyone working a specific day. Click on the '+' button to get started:
You can choose which timeframe to target, and then specify by Location, Department, and Role:

Message multiple groups in the same message by selecting another target roster (ie: Location, Department, or Role schedule in a specific timeframe):

TIPS for Roster Talk
- Individual employees can be added to the Roster Talk as well.
- Employees will only be able to message within Locations, Departments, and Roles they are assigned to.

- 'Today' is considered a shift that falls within any Hours of Operation for the Location. 

- Only employees with published shifts will be included in the chat; unpublished shifts will not be recognized in the Roster Talk targets.

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