Location Overview

The Location Overview will allow you to view a breakdown of your sales and labor data across all your Locations.

Viewing sales and labor information

Click on the 'Location Overview' option at the top of your Dashboard to access the account sales and labor breakdown

With the Location Overview, you can see:

  • Combined totals for all Locations, along with the previous week comparison for the following data:

    Total Sales - Total actual sales
    Average Labor - average actual labor % across all Locations
    Average SPLH - average sales per labor hour across all Locations
    Total OT Hours - total actual overtime hours accrued across all Locations
  • For each individual Location, you will also see:

    Sales - Total actual sales
    vs. Projected - Difference between the actual and projected sales
    Labor - Actual labor %
    vs. Scheduled - Difference between the scheduled and actual labor %
    SPLH - sales per labor hour based on actual sales and labor
    OT Hours - total actual overtime hours accrued

The Location Overview is included with the Gourmet Plan, and can be added on to other plans. Please contact us at support@7shifts.com to request this feature. 

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