Employee Dashboard Overview

The Employee Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log in to your account.

The Dashboard will give you an overview of your account, and includes the following:

  • Your shifts for the day

    Tap on a specific shift to see more details

  • Your upcoming shifts

    Tap on a shift to access the shift details

  • Shifts up for grabs

    Shifts that have been offered up by your coworkers or employer and are available for you to bid on.
    • Select 'View All' to see all shifts that are up for grabs, regardless of the day
    • Tap on a specific shift to view the details for that shift
      • You'll have to option to bid on the shift here

  • Your Weekly Report

    Scroll down to the bottom to view the Weekly Report, which includes: 

    • Shifts Worked/Scheduled
    • Hours Worked/Scheduled
    • Estimated Earnings
    • Tips Earned

Depending on the account setup your employer has chosen, you may not be able to see the actual Hours Worked, Estimated Earnings, or Tips Earned.

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