Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard is designed for enterprise clients with several accounts. This web app feature will allow them:

  1. To view the sales and labor information for all accounts in the same place.
  2. To easily navigate between separate account.
To gain access to the Enterprise Dashboard, please contact sales@7shifts.com.

Before enabling the Enterprise Dashboard:

1.  Ensure you have the same email across all accounts.

2. Ensure you have the same password across all accounts.

Viewing sales and labor information

Navigating Between Accounts

Enterprise Dashboard for Engage

Viewing sales and labor information

Upon login you will be taken directly to the Enterprise Dashboard. Here you will see the following:

  • Combined totals for all accounts and Locations, along with the previous week comparison for the following data:

    Total Sales - Total actual sales
    Average Labor - average actual labor % across all Locations
    Average SPLH - average sales per labor hour across all Locations
    Total OT Hours - total actual overtime hours accrued across all Locations
  • For each individual Location, you will also see:

    Sales - Total actual sales
    vs. Projected - Difference between the actual and projected sales
    Labor - Actual labor %
    vs. Scheduled - Difference between the scheduled and actual labor %
    SPLH - sales per labor hour based on actual sales and labor
    OT Hours - total actual overtime hours accrued

Choose the 'Export' option to download this information as a CSV file.

Within each account you will also now have access to the 'Location Overview' segment on your Dashboard, which will allow you to view the above information for the account specific Locations.

Navigating between accounts:

You can switch between separate accounts without logging out and back in.

  1. In the top left corner, select the 'Enterprise' dropdown.
  2. Choose the appropriate Location to be taken directly to that account
  3. Repeat the process to navigate between accounts.

Enterprise Dashboard for Engage

You can view your Engage stats account-wide through the Engage tab.

1. Click on the Engage tab.

2. Select Week or Month layout, date range, and filter by employee type.

3. Filter / sort stats from the top panel categories.

This report can be downloaded as a CSV file using the 'Export' button.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Engage categories.

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