Manager Log Book for Admins (Web)

The Manager Log Book is a secure communication tool that can only be accessed by Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers within the account. 

⚠️Employees do not have access to the Manager Log Book.

Accessing the Manager Log Book

To access the Manager Log Book, navigate to 'Log Book' at the top of the screen.

As an Admin, you'll be able to customize the categories within the Manager Log Book. This will allow you to set which categories your managers can view and submit entries within. 

To set your categories:

1. Head to Log Book > Categories.

2. Click on the green '+Add' button. Alternatively, click the pencil icon to edit an existing category.

3. You'll be presented with a screen where you can enter details for your category.

You can choose the following different category types:

  • Text box
  • Number box
  • Dollar box
  • Percentage box

Choose 'Instant notification' if you'd like all Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers to be notified every time a new entry is submitted in the category.

Choose 'Required' if you'd like to ensure that a comment is made in this particular category before the Email Summary can be sent out.

⚠️TIP: You can drag and drop these categories in the order you desire them to appear. These categories will be the same for all of the Locations within your account.

Once the categories are set, Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers can easily fill-out each category.

⚠️Please note:
  • You and your managers will need to click 'Submit' immediately after making an entry in each category.
  • Drafts of your entries cannot be saved. Ensure you post your message before leaving the Manager Log Book Page.
❗️If removing / deleting a Log book posts, please note:
  • Only posts on the present day can be removed. Posts for past or future days cannot be deleted. 
  • Admins can remove posts made by themselves or any other user type.
  • By default, Manager / Assistant Managers can remove their own posts, but require the Manger Permission 'Can delete logbook posts' in order to remove posts by other users. 
  • Even with the 'Can delete logbook posts' permission, Managers or Assistant Managers can only remove posts made by a user that is lower than them in the user type Levels of Hierarchy

    ( Example: A Manager can delete the post of an Assistant Manager, but an Assistant Manager cannot delete the post of a Manager or Admin.)

You can send out an email summary at the end of the day which will go to all Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers assigned to the Location.

Your daily summary can be manually emailed or you can choose a time for it to automatically send each evening. This time is on a per Location basis.

⚠️Please note:
  • If there are required categories that were not filled out yet, the summary email will not automatically send.
  • The email summary will not automatically send if there are no entries on that day.
  • The email summary does not include Shift Feedback.

 Actuals Widget

With an active POS integration or 7punches for time clocking, you will see a dashboard of each Location's preference.

The following will be displayed above your custom categories:
  • Total Sales - Daily Actual Sales will be pulled from your POS.
  • Total Labor - Labor costs will be pulled in for clients using 7punches, or who have an Actual Labor integration with a POS. 
  • Labor % - The actual labor % is calculated by taking your actual labor costs / actual sales.
  • Weather - You'll need to be on 'The Works' plan or higher, and have your city entered under your Location settings to see this.
  • Average Shift Score - If you are using Shift Feedback, you will see the average score for the day here. Click on 'View Shift Feedback' to see all Employee ratings and comments.

⚠️Only Managers / Assistant Managers with the 'Can manage schedules' permission will be able to view this Dashboard / Widget within the Manager Log Book.

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