Role & Employee Mapping - POS Integrations

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If you are integrated with a POS that offers Role & Employee Mapping, you may see the following banner when you login to 7shifts:

Role Mapping

7shifts will automatically map any Roles that already exist between your POS and 7shifts. You'll find those under the 'Matched' heading. You'll simply need to click 'Save' to complete the mapping.

If 7shifts was not able to auto map the specific Roles, you'll need to either create the Role within 7shifts or your POS, or map it to another existing Role.

Employee Mapping

You can either match up, ignore, or create the employee. 

  • Match: Simply find the corresponding employee in the list.
  • Ignore: You'll want to ignore if the employee will never need to clock in/out (i.e. Salaried employees)
  • Create: This will add the employee to 7shifts, allowing you to start scheduling them.

    *Note: If you are integrated with Toast POS, you can also choose to create the employees in Toast.
Please review all matched employees before clicking 'Save'. If an incorrect match was made, you can always correct the mistake by clicking 'unmatch'. The employee will now be listed under 'Unmatched' and you can assign them correctly from there. 

Click 'Save' once you are done. 

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