Overtime Alerts

You can enable Overtime Alerts to ensure that Admins and Managers receive real-time push alerts when employees enter daily overtime, weekly overtime, or are at risk of weekly overtime.

To use this feature you will need:
1. To be on either The Works or Gourmet plan.
2. An active POS labor integration or 7punches.
3. Have Time Clocking enabled in your (found under Add Ons). 

Enabling Overtime Alerts

1. Head to Company Settings > Labor and check the box next to 'Overtime Alerts'

2. Select an 'Alert Buffer' to ensure you're notified about Weekly Overtime prior to the employee incurring the overtime

3. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to first check the box next to 'Overtime' and set your daily and weekly overtime values

4. Click 'Save'

Once overtime alerts are set, Admins and Managers will receive alert notifications as pictured below:

Weekly Overtime at-risk alerts are calculated by adding the Employee's Actual Hours Worked + Remaining Scheduled Hours

At-risk warnings will come up anytime an Employee punches in to ensure their current working Manager is aware of the potential overtime.

Want to learn more about labor compliance? Click here for information regarding Custom Breaks.

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