Overtime Alerts

Overtime (OT) Alerts send a push notification to all managers of an employee when an employee enters daily overtime, weekly overtime, or is at risk of hitting weekly overtime with their scheduled shifts and actual labor already worked.

NOTE: You will need to be on The Works or Gourmet plan to use this feature and have a labor integration or 7punches enabled. 

To update your plan, navigate to the Billing page by hovering over the profile picture in the top right > Company Settings > Billing. To learn how to integrate with your POS time clocking system please click here.

Enabling Overtime Alerts

Once you have the above prerequisites, go to Company Settings > Labor and enable Overtime Alerts. If you don’t already have Overtime enabled on your account you will need to enable 'Overtime' and set what your daily and weekly overtime values should be in 'Overtime Alert'.

We also have a buffer for OT alerts if you want to know your employee is approaching weekly overtime before they are at risk of it. This buffer starts sending your at risk notification when an employee approaches the weekly overtime hour maximum to give you a better chance of preventing overtime cost. To set your Alert Buffer, click on the drop down menu and select your value. Then click save on the bottom left corner of your screen

Once you have your Overtime Alerts values set and enable Overtime you will be set. Your managers will receive a push notification on their phone when an employee enters into Overtime or are at risk.

A weekly at-risk Overtime alert is calculated by:   'Actual hours' worked + 'Scheduled Hours' for the remainder of the week > Weekly Overtime Hours setting.

Note: At risk warnings will come up anytime an employee punches in to ensure their current working manager is aware of the potential inflated cost.

Want to learn more about labor compliance? Click  here for information regarding Custom Breaks.

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