7: Notifications


  1. Reviewing notifications
  2. Manage notification settings


 Reviewing Notifications

You can review your notifications for things like schedule publishes, time off and availability requests, and shift pool requests.

To access your notification history:

1. Tap the 'bell' icon at the bottom right of the screen

You'll be taken directly to a list of your recent notifications

  • New notifications will appear blue
  • Previously read notifications will appear white

2. Tap on a specific notification to be taken to that request (if applicable) or your schedule


 Manage notification settings

1.  Tap the 'bell' icon at the bottom of the screen

2.  From there, tap the 'gear' icon in the top right corner

3.  Modify your notification settings

  • Toggle on push notifications to receive push rather than text (recommended)
  • Tap the 'phone' icon to enable/disable a specific push notification
  • Tap the 'mail' icon to enable/disable a specific email notification

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