Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the first thing you'll see when you first login to your 7shifts account. This is where you'll see high-level information about your restaurant, allowing you to get a sense of how things are going today, and what requires your attention. You can also print your daily roster from here. 

Sales and Labor Graph
When you login to 7shifts you will see a graph of your actual and projected sales & labor pulled in from your schedule and point of sale. This gives you a snapshot of your operating costs and can help you determine schedule adjustments to keep labor costs under control. Hover over any point on the graph to see the details for that day, including sales, labor cost, and sales per man hour. If you don’t see any of this information populated, we provide steps to show you how to get it setup on the dashboard itself.


Graph Features
You can turn each graph column on or off to suit your needs, view the chart on a weekly or monthly basis, and can see the data for any previous week with the date selector. 

Who’s Working?
This gives you a view of who is working today. You can select to view all Locations at once, or specific Departments. Hover over any shift to find out details for that shift, including shift notes, the employee's phone number, and which Station they are assigned to. Click on the printer icon to print off your daily roster at the start of each day. 

Pending Requests
From here you can see all pending requests for Time Off, Availability, and Shift changes. Quickly approve or deny staff requests and sort them by type. If you want more details on a specific request, click on it to see the full details. 

Activity Log
A stream of the recent activity in your 7shifts account can also be found below the sales and labor graph. The Activity Log pulls in notifications on recent or updated schedules, staff requests and Announcement messages so you always have a handle on what’s happening in your business.


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